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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  September 1, 2013 1:30am-2:01am EDT

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we are at home. maybe they should do the same. >> they can print money. we can't. >> you know who is a classy guy, neil cavuto. neil, take it away. well, on this labor day weekend some labor pains for the health care law. glad to have you you. i'm neil cavuto. be careful what you wish for. >> we're about to take the historic step towards our goal of providing quality health care to every american. this bill is a great step forward. >> well, that was then. this is now a fshgs lshfl-cio c richard trumka smiling then. not so much now. >> we've been working with the administration to find solutions to what i think are inadvertent holes in the act. when the act was put together it wasn't thought completely through and so we worked on a daily basis. i'm hopeful we will get something done in the near future. >> all right. turns out he discovered those
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expensive cadillac insurance plans that the law goes after, well, they're like almost every union plan. they're expensive and the unions don't love the law. they want to change the law. that's why -- anyway, charles, melissa, adam and charlie, i am not doing that impression again. >> good. >> that's too bad. what do you make of that was fine then and notine now. >> reminds me of maury in "good fellas." >> remember he sold -- he was the wig guy. >> trumka is wearing a piece? >> the guy he feels like he set up the caper -- >> slightly more current than my abbott and costello reference. >> he was a key part and everybody's got new stuff but him. >> murray's wigs never moved. >> that's right. they were glued on. >> but the promise made to the unions probably moved. even i thought that white house was pretty clear, unions wink
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wink with you got a break. get this into law and your cadillac plans will be exempt. i think that shocked them and this 30-hour work week is killing them. it is. >> melissa, where does this go now? >> i mean everybody is looking for their own special carve out and can't find it. i talked to ceo who said they're kicking the spouses off the health care plan because when they look at the ugly choices that's the least one. they can fire worke erers but t don't want to fire workers because they need them. it's going to be painful. i hate when people who can't do math, go out there and make law because eventually the math comes home to roost and you're like wait a second, what do you mean? >> by the way -- >> someone has to pay for it? >> you know, this math was spelled out in this law. say what you will of it. we knew this was there. if people had taken the time to read it. >> but i am relishing the fact here you like unions all of a sudden. >> i'm not -- i'm not sure we got there. >> i don't know how you arrived
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at that. how did you derive them? >> i broke them. >> yeah, you did. >> you absolutely did. >> let me ask you, you like sort of the double standard of the unions? >> of course not. i mean listen he's obviously -- i think -- i think conservatives should not be siding with the unions. >> they're not siding with the unions. >> a lot of them are saying what a great guy richard trumka is. >> no. >> too busy badgeringing guests on the air it to realize what they're saying is, look, when your friends hate it. >> right. >> you got a deep -- >> i'm not a big fan of the health care law. it's so obvious this thing doesn't work and he's starting to screw over his own constituents. >> okay. in a fashionnd i've known and become accustomed to. >> adam, this thing seems to be in rubble when you have to do the carveouts as melissa points out for pretty much everybody. >> well, i liked where charlie was going until he finished and then i didn't like where he was
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going. i don't agree, neil, it's in trouble. this stuff is messy. i didn't really, by the w, see as much inconsistency f trumka as you all did, between his 2010 cheerleading statement and his -- >>is hair piece was different. his hair piece was different. >> stop it. go ahead. >> well, we've got to -- we've -- this is not perfect. we're going to work to make it perfect. there's things we don't like for our members. that is not inconsistent with saying i support this legislation, good tore america -- >> he said he hated it, it wasn't working out for his folks. love and then hate. those were pretty opposite positis on this. >> we started the show with two scenes. one was the super bowl winning the super bowl championship and the other was a team that lost the super bowl. completely distinctively different. >> or losing. >> or losing. >> i'll play with it. i'll take you up on that. one is a first seed is winning the -- one is firsteason winning the super bowl and the next season you have to come back and build the team a real
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team. >> what's the point? i mean, you know, if you think about it, you have all these exemptions, all these carve outs, what is the point of this law? how does it work? >> you know what the point of the law is, to get tens of millions of more people health insurance and do it by -- >> it's not going to work if you do all these carve outs. there needs to be a uniform -- >> all i'm saying, i can see a pattern here and follow the crumbs as well as anyone. what i see is, not only exemptions now likely for unions, but exemptions for scores of businesses on the number of workers they should hire to be included or not. the delay in provisions for the mandate. the delay in the benefit formula, the delay, delay, delay. normally when you see that much going on, it does raise a basic issue about whether this is even viable. >> that's right. and the number one thing that it was supposed to do is get a whole bunch of people health irn insurance that didn't have it before and we haven't seen that. that was the selling point. these exchanges. they're not set up and going. if they ever do people will get
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on the exchanges and find they don't like -- >> but thepoint -- >> remember how they sold -- tried to sell this it sed money. $100 billion. whatever. >> two points -- >> when you put so many exemptions in it changes that calculation. >> look, the bottom line, i don't know why you are resistant to the fact that there are problems with this. >> poor adam. >> democrats -- >> i'm not -- >> i'm not. >> it's not going to save money then. >> i'm not resistant to that. let me address that. >> you're -- >> i think you're blocking. >> the exchanges are -- the exchanges are getting up and going and neil, you were being very sly there. you're pushing this perspective i don't know, this might be falling apart because that's what -- >> no. it might be wasn't the right word. it is falling apart. >> i don't agree. >> you're li -- i'm not. >> you're wrong again, neil. >> look, it's like the chef in the restaurant who won't eat his own food. congress wants out of it.
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the unions helped create it don't want any part of it. key groups -- >> congress does not want out of it. >> i'll let you answer. they all want out of it. it's like going to a restaurant, and the waiter tells you, i wouldn't try that. and the chef says i don't eat here. and the manager says, i'm eating at the restaurant next doo i'm o of that restaurant. >> neil, even trumka in the clip we played he didn't say i want to eat at another restaurant. >> that was an analogy. >> he was saying i want to keep my original fabulous insurance that i had as a union member and you're not going to be able to do that because it's going to be a totally different price point are pay huge tax on it and the no local government can possibly provide it -- >> so great, so great you would jump to it. that's what you would -- you would jump to it. i'm going to have an example, i'm going to run this thing because it's so good. it's not. >> neil, i keep saying they sold this based on its saving the country money. it can't save money if there are this many carve us o outs.
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>> ty cloak everything in an economic argument. >> that's why this beces an economic issue. this will be incredibly costly if there are so many carve outs. >> because every time you give someone an exemption somebody else has to pay for it. >> adam, i hope you're proud of yourself. that was fair -- >> poor adam. >> sort of -- >> when we come back, forget about if, if the syrians retaliate. what if i told you attack or no, they already are.
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back to "cavuto on business" only here on the fox news channel. >> getting ready now for a cyber war. new reports u.s. officials are preparing for cyber attacks on banks and utilies here in retaliation over any kind of military action against syria, even threatened. this coming the heels of the so-called syrian electronic army claiming responsibility for hacking some premier american companies. melissa, a lot of this activity already. what can we look forward to? >> i am concerned about this. i think that we have become complacent against cyber attacks because they attack a bank but never lose money. take down "the new york times" and it's more than a breather than an actual attack. to be serious, i think that -- >> that ruined adam's day. >> the next step, yeah, call it an attack, i worry about energy
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infrastructure, the electrical grid, that seems like something that could be targeted relatively easily. i worry about the water supply. i wonder why we haven't seen that. and i think that the more sophisticated these attacks get, we continue to be complacement because we don't feel the pain and something will happen. >> there is no clear way to respond to a cyber attack? >> if you talk to people at the banks, jpmorgan, they receive cyber attacks every day and they have been dealing with the state department on this apparently, you know, it's either iran or -- syria wasn't on the list the last call i made about a month ago. >> is that a legit syrian electronic -- they claim -- we don't know. >> one brilliant hacker over there. i will tell you the iranians are -- i am told are soisticated and i hear the north koreans are sophisticated. >> and their cpability is sophisticated. kind of reminds me leading up to 9/11. we had a lot of little attacks here and there, there were a lot
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of yellow flags out there that we more or less dismissed. what i'm worried about is the fact that our government dismisses it because they don't know how to fight it or can fight it or to your point, lissa? some sort of -- in some sort of serious false reality. when thabig one comes, whatever it is -- >> i don't think it's a false reality. i think most of the big banks, i cover the banks, i know they're all geared up for this. whether, you know -- >> they weren't geared up for the last freeze. >> well, come on. >> honestly, charlie -- >> technology -- >> one at a time. >> technology breaks down -- listen, i'm no -- >> neither are you -- >> computer ever break down? >> jpmorgan -- >> i'm just saying these -- >> let me give you perspective on this. listen, i will say computers break down all the time. i do know the banks are working. doesn't mean it's never going to get through. >> it will get through. >> i'm working -- >> so adam, what i would say to that is, i'm not heartened when i see so many premier names with presumably the best and most
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fool-proof fire walls on the planet constantlyetting penetrated. i don't know if that's a warmup act for something more sinister but it does give me pause. how about you? >> i agree, neil. >>, you agree >> relatively new problem. the week before the last i interviewed jack lew that in the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009 this was barely agenda. now it is a big itemn the financial agenda and security agenda. the good news is the pengon is -- >> jack lew -- >> this is a high priority for the pentagon. >> melissa. >> i just think that we' become too complacent about these attacks. i know you're right, jpmorgan is attacked all the time and the banks do a great job of having it, you know, not take over their system and they do a great job of defense and now that the government is very focused on this but i think the american public has begun to think of a cyber attack as not that big of a deal because we haven't been hurt by it so far.
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>> that's a good point. >> the most obvious way in the future. >> you can be successful a thousand times. it's the one that gets through or knocks out someone's bank account and realize, what happened? >> or subways or air traffic control or the war system or the electrical grid. or hospital. >> i don't -- i mean no -- i have no offense to adam's interview with jack lew. he wasn't a player during the financial crisis. i will tell you this -- >> but who got the interview with jack lew? adam did. >> i just want you to know -- >> when jack lew sees me he holds up crosses and throws garlic in my face. >> you don't know jack, do you? >> what i'm saying the banks have been gearing up for this for a long time. and i would say -- >> they might be gearing up. nothing -- they're gearing up -- >> 2008 -- >> they go down. >> of course but they're doing a pretty good job and maybe -- >> what did you get in there? >> oh, goodness. >> one of these guys like me. what are you trying to say? >> poor charlie. >> he's running out of people on his roll ladeck to talk top.
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what do you make? >> the technicians on wall street. >> yeah, listen, i have to echo what melissa is saying. i think that they are preparing something big and i n't mow what it is, but i think it would be nuts not to think something consequential is going to happen and soon. >> something cyber consequential. >> yeah. >> we're going to take a quick bra break here and talk about a ve/hate relationship, the forbes gang uncovering what nsa workers are doing to the ones they presumably love the most. may be prong no one's private information is save. that's coming up at the top of the hour. up next, maybe the government's healthy school lunch program is helping kids lose weight. ♪ food glorious food
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♪ ♪ >> neil: well, your food and your money. school district in north texas dropping out of the government's healthy lunch program. a lot of kids say the food was terrible. they're dumping it in the trash. the latest district to dump the taxpayers funded program. i don't expect it will be the last. >> i talked to a superintendent who dumped it and he said they were fced to serve cardboard whole wheat pizza and grape tomatoes and diet dressing so the kids didn't eat it. so they were falling asleep in class. meanwhile he put together a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato on honey wheat bread. it didn't qualify because it
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had to be nine grain instead of honey wheat. he said take your money and shove it. we have our own program. >> neil: he said take your money and shove it? >> i think so. it was illinois. chicago. but it's just, when the feds send guidelines down it's a game of -- >> neil: they're too rigid. a healthier alternative to what the kids would enjoy than the more mall stuff they're served is turned down because it doesn't meettrict guidelines. >> that's absurd. most school lunches are disgusting and fattening and the kids would be better off than not anything anything than the crap. the guy that did the wol wheat, maybe that's in your- the school district where you live, in most working class or school districts they can't afford honey wheat and the fresh turkey. so they give them other garbage. the a terptive is often worse
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>> neil: wait, wait, wait. are you saying that ring-kings are not a food group? >> absolutely. kids would be better off not eating than eating that garbage. >> there is a problem with kids not eating healthy. >> that ised by the parents. >> i agree. i have gone to school. you have to eat while you're at school. not all parents provide lunch. guidelines aren't so bad. >> neil: obviously the country has to change something, michelle obama has to rejigger something. what? >> charlie is making a good point. the government is trying. >> they always have good intentions. >> they should stop trying. if the guidelines are too rigid, change them. it's a good thing. >> it's starts with good intentions but you make
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guidelines -- >> remember the -- >> [ overtalk ] >> this doesn't work out. >> the class disparity is big-time. your local school, i'm sure there is gold plted lunches. >> there is not. >> she's a mom with kids and knows -- >> what do you mean? >> do you think she grew up in hollywood and was on tv as a child and went to an ivy league school? jeesh! oh, you did. [ laughter ] >> all public school have the same budget and serve the same food. the notion that the government can dictate. the government has a role to suggest and encouraging but it gets -- >> what is wrong is guidelines? >> it's fine. >> if you say guideline is a guideline but if you say you must eat -- >> you're saying is bad they eat whole wheat -- >> eat whatever they want to
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eat. eat whatever -- >> don't tell me what my kid eats in school. you can't tell him what to eat. >> neil: all righty. i want to thank charlie and melissa. this may not be the hottest summern record but it was for charles payne. in june before we got -- >> that's why he got so excited. i know! >> it's up around 40%. it's up aroundñ@ç@çpçpçpç÷ño
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tell us your hot stock. >> goodyear tire. amazing story. company is dng extraordinarily well. the all time record in north america and asia. i love it. sears logic, technology play. everything is clicking for company. the wild card groupon. it's something of a wild card but they have the act together. it breaks out at 11 to become a momentum darling. a stock that all the fast money will chase. >> adam, any thoughts on that? >> yeah, now i'm mad at you for such good picks. the only one i quibble with is siris logic. it's so tied to apple.
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that is a problem. >> neil: i see no problems at all. that will do it here. thanks. cost of freedom continues on the place for business. ♪ ♪ >> david: well, here is a question on the syrian story many are not considering. can we afford to attack syria? >> senator jim imhoff is the top republican on the armed services says no, we can't. "our troops are stretched thin. the defense budget has been slashed to historically low level. no red line should have been drawn without the strategy and funding to support it." so this further proof the debt is a security risk? hi, even. i'm david asman. welcome to "forbes on fox." in focus with steve forbes, himself. elizabeth macdonald. sabrina schaefer. rich


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